Later on, when you've collected everything there is to collect the special chests will contain a plethora of red Orbs instead. This allows Kratos to reach the lever in the alcove above by spreading his wings and riding the updraft. Through the doors, a few enemies throw themselves at Kratos with reckless abandon. The fundamentals of the game will be introduced to you as more enemies land upon Gaia's arm. At the very end of the path, float down to the health chest and proceed on to the Forge. Because Zeus mixes in a new attack during the second round we don't recommend using the Nemean Cestus. Smash the frozen scorpion and its smaller chunk of ice to acquire the Boreas Icestorm. Aside from the special attacks, Hades' melee attacks will intensify as the battle drags on. When you see them raise their gleaming weapon into the air, move out of their linear line of sight. She is ready for another go if you are. The single claw jabs from before have multiplied into about three consecutive thrusts. Now take the golden footprint up and follow the pathway to another platform. Spam the Hyperion Ram on these whiny broads and finish them off. As Kratos approaches, a gaggle of enemies crawl up and engage the Spartan in battle. Alternate between Battering Ram and Hyperion Ram to vanquish this set of adversaries. Flip the column 180-degrees by using the right Analog Stick and slide it into the crevice to complete the path. Press Circle to receive the Claws of Hades. "Hope is what makes us strong, it is why we are here, it is what we fight with when all else is lost." By now--as long as you've been following the walkthrough--you should've collected all the upgrades! Prove to Hercules that he needs to throw more than just a few wimps at Kratos for Hercules to finally don his Nemean Cestus and step into the ring. With Hercules clearly distracted, this presents a golden opportunity for retaliation, and Kratos wastes no time in acting on the impulse. Aside from these upgrades, you will also find unique Godly possessions that grant special abilities to Kratos during a second playthrough. Following the cut-scene, double jump up to the chain and swing across. ), but it doesn't pose much of a threat since you've seen his tricks before. Hop back through the portal and wind up the ballista again for another shot. Cross to the other side and empty the chests of its contents. Pull the lever back to let Pandora through the little crawl space, then hit the heat switch. This blinds Cronos and causes Kratos to fall somewhere along his arm. Following the cut-scene, flash Helios' glow on the distorted air near Pandora's statue to unveil a Phoenix Feather. There's a patch of it on the ledge above. Jump up the left side and lasso the hapless Harpy. After the cut-scene, head to area where Hera had wandered off to fight off some Olympian warriors and collect red Orbs. Cover Kratos in 500 buckets of blood by killing the enemies, Blind 100 enemies with the Head of Helios, Seeing things from a different perspective, Summon every Soul with the Claws of Hades. Barriers immediately preclude any chance of escape, and armored Cyclops spawn from the ground. Harpies now hover in the area; use them to traverse the gap to the other side. Discover treasure map locations, collectibles, artifacts and more. Hit the lever here and copy Hermes' circus act to reach the other side safely. In 1292, after spending nearly 20 years in the court of emperor Kublai Khan, Marco Polo departed China with 14 ships ... A search for the fabled "Atlantis of the Sands" propels fortune hunter Nathan Drake on a trek into the hear... God of War: Ascension is a Hack N' Slash Action game and PlayStation 3 exclusive that serves as a prequel to the popu... LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 will give gamers the chance to experience the magic and adventure of Harry Potter in a u... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Spot the trail of blood stains to locate its source, Hermes, who barely puts up a fight. There's a hidden alcove that is waiting to be revealed by Helios' light. Next Walkthrough The Labyrinth Prev Walkthrough … The main target during this segment of the battle is Cronos' middle fingernail. Now moving from right to left, spin the next one three times also and leave the third one alone. Crank an arrow back, and watch as Helios flies by on his flaming chariot. As promised, Hephaestus crafts a powerful weapon, the Nemesis Whip, although with strings attached. In the meantime, the smaller scorpions spawn infinitely and swarm the Spartan, but they can be beneficial at times when they relinquish a Health Orb here and there. The Harpies drop Kratos off at the exit that peeks into an empty rooftop. Now pull the giant column of rock from its spot and drag it to other side, where it will fit in another crevice. Simply run around until they disappear or block. Run up and follow this bend around to find Daedalus. From here, climb up the left-hand ladder and move to the back of the room to find a lever, ignoring the large wheel here for now. When Hades squats and hunches over, circular pools of purple appear underneath Kratos, and within seconds chains erupt from these. God of War 2018 100% Walkthrough & Collectibles Guide. Kratos barges in on this love goddess already busy with some of her female companions. Pluck a Gorgon Eye from the chest on the immediate left and proceed past the save point, using it if you want. God of War Walkthrough Videos (Completed) Total number of 21 videos by HelloJapan960 (09:49:06) Title: Duration: Date: God of War Part 1 - The Journey Begins (00:31:24) Jun 11 2014: God of War … Float to the area high above and follow the hallway to a rounded pathway. Cronos, an imprisoned Titan, is hell-bent on exacting his revenge--Kratos sure knows how to piss a whole lot of people off. Once these are disposed of, head through the double doors. God of War 2 is a seamless adventure with no defined stages. Once they've bitten the dust, spin the wheel and quickly run under them before they close on the Spartan. While the clones can quickly become annoying as Zeus increases the numbers, they greatly benefit your ultimate purpose by providing magic Orbs and being fodder for filling the Blade of Olympus meter. God of War 3 Wiki Guide. Hello everyone! Finish off the stragglers as you see fit. When this happens, Kratos needs to beat Zeus to the punch; never let him regenerate! We recommend, if necessary, to switch to the Blades of Exile to perform the Cyclones of Chaos in order to quickly clear out the annoying scorpions, then switch back to the Cestus. Look for dark shadows on the ground and roll into the sunny spots to avoid getting smashed! Take the hallway out into the rain, where it becomes evident that Kratos' ruthless murdering of the Gods has reaped unfathomable consequences on the Olympians. Take the zipline that extends underneath Daedalus and take on the series of grapple points from thereon. statue for a beating. Gallop toward Peirithous while plowing through the clumps of enemies and pressing Cross to burn them to a crisp. Press up against the far wall and push through the tight squeeze. Helios crash lands somewhere, so hop off and double back a bit. Open the gate and escape with Pandora after the cut-scene. Lift up the gate and attempt to drag the pallet of stones from the wheel here--it is now needed elsewhere. Head to the immediate right and follow this to two red Orb chests. The pedestal drops down like dead-weight to this side of the room. ----- INTRODUCTION _____ Welcome to my strategy guide for the Challenges of Olympus on God of War III … Slide it into the end crevice to complete the stairwell. Mash the L1 and R1 buttons together to rip open the beast's chest. Be sure to push against it and not pull to budge the crank. Moving on, Kratos swings across the wide chasm to the platform. Double back and climb up to the top, where Kratos must hang from the ceiling and monkey-bar over the abyss. In addition, Leviathan digs its claws in an alternating fashion to inch forward and ultimately trap Kratos within a confined area for its water breath. Upon dealing adequate damage to this agile abomination, the Circle finisher appears above its head to signify its imminent end. These are no match for Kratos' current power and should bite the dust with relative ease. PlayStation 2 owners need no introduction to Kratos. Eventually, he arrives at the Caverns. A keen eye will spot the Gorgon Eye-containing chest sitting in the left corner before the doors. Zeeeeeuuuuuuuus! The Onyx scorpion performs only a few attacks: a claw swipe and a tail slam. Start thrashing away at the Onyx-coated legs. The archers ahead can be quite irksome, but can be defeated with a single magic attack. 17. Hyperion Ram doesn't work quite as well against the fire-spitting hound; dodge the fireballs and successfully complete the QTE prompt to gain complete reign of the hound. There are three total. These can be manipulated into ferrying Kratos across wide chasms. The Harpies Kratos encounters in this room differ from the usual aggressive types. This part of the God of War Walkthrough is dedicated to the Treasure Map entitled “Creation Island“.Here you will discover its location and the location of the corresponding treasure. However, this can be a good thing because this means they can be grabbed by pressing Circle and used to steamroll the surrounding baddies, including the Minotaur. Guide Kratos through sea, city, desert, and fire to his showdown against Ares, the God of War. Run down the hall and lift open the chests for red Orbs. Ignite the oil pots in the passage as the hellish bovines get near to significantly soften them up. As you wail away on the claws, watch Poseidon for any tell-tale signs of an imminent attack, usually indicated by dramatic movements on his part and crackling blue energy gathering under Kratos' feet. That is an effective means of dealing with the Centaur and its crowd. While the opulent visuals will leave you completely awe-struck, you hit the ground running--so to speak--as the first gaggle of enemies greet the vengeful deity on the shoulder of the gargantuan Titan, Gaia. They explode upon death, so keep your distance. The gate won't stay open for long, so quickly run under the gate. The clones stay in the battle for some time until you make them go away. The level will begin after reaching the first cube. Interact with the pedestal once more to face off against Hades. Empty the chest nearby for Orbs and swing across using the grapple points to land upon a spacious platform. Eventually, a couple of Medusas come out to play. Now burn down the bramble here to hit a cog that re-arranges the entire cavern in terms of the large suspended blocks. Save here and prepare to face another god. Starting at the first one on the far right, spin it three times. Here Zeus' Eagle is up for grabs, but can't be used until after you beat the game once. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. The first one here creates an upward draft that can be used to lift Kratos onto the high platform above. This will be devastating if Kratos lets this plan go into fruition, so he must relentlessly weaken the planted claws. When enough damage is dealt, Hercules appeals to Hera for some emotional support. Yes, the enemies have to be dealt with accordingly, but if you play the cards right, the spikes will do that for you. Trial 2: The Lost: The Minotaur mingling in the crowd makes the encounter a bit more problematic, but the two moves that will help a lot are: Battering Ram and Hyperion Ram. Now move to the PS3 button scheme in the center of the room below. As she makes a run for it, the gates close behind her and the two stone Golems come to life. Save your game, and head down the hall to meet the Poseidon Princess, who beseeches Kratos' help. A little peeved about his lost fingernail, Cronos begins to slap his entire hand down on the arm. The tail slam actually does quite a bit of damage, so be ready to roll out of the way when the tail is raised in the air. When Kratos reaches Pandora, she suggests to the Spartan that the chain holding the Labyrinth needs to be broken. Constantly keep them occupied to prevent them from returning to work on the chain. Hephaestus in the Forge doesn't offer much help to Kratos. When enough damage is dealt to the fingernail, hit the Circle button to rip it clean off--yowza! The battle with this behemoth begins with Kratos in a very dire predicament. The room flips back to its original position and the pedestal should flop right next to the door switch, as intended. Continue up the path to find some chests and a wooden scaffold. I keep hitting the circle button and the trees will not lift. When the Cerberus can take no more, finish it and the remaining enemies. Hover over the spikes, over Pandora's water prison, and to the lattice wall on the right side. Obviously, all these combined is quite a handful to swallow. First, drag the pedestal closer to the heat switch here, then activate it to turn the room over. Leap off toward the ledge along the left wall. Hades' friendly greeting makes us feel right at home. Each QTE prompt will have Kratos tear off only one of the heads—gotta take down all six to put these bad dogs to sleep for good. Kill them first to freeze everything else and break them into bits and pieces afterward. After the cut-scene with the smith, the doorway to Tartarus opens up. In part two of this battle, Leviathan has learned a few new tricks. As the battle drags on, Gaia moves her arm around in an effort to fling the parasite loose and, in the process, adds inconvenience by flipping the perspective of the battle upside-down. Hit the lever and quickly hop on the moving platform before it leaves Kratos behind. Hit the final switch to connect everything in place, creating ultimately a giant cube. Follow the newly formed path all the way to the end to trigger a cut-scene. Roll forward at the last second to evade this devastating attack. Steer him away from the obstructions to ensure that he arrives there in one piece. Sure enough, a Centaur wielding a huge pointy stick struts in and immediately tries to impale Kratos. Do not tarry for long, as the platform returns back to its original position after a bit of time. Unfortunately, it can take only so much of a pounding before Kratos is forced to eliminate it. Run to this safehaven to be completely immune. Keep slashing at him and counter his jumps to eventually reach the finishing cut-scene. In fact, one would normally think the battle be unfair, but as Kratos' track record has proven otherwise not even gods can phase this angry Spartan. After being ferried to the other side, turn the crank to open the way to the Caverns, but before proceeding use Helios' Head to reveal a chest on the left side. After disposing of the winged enemies, board the elevator with the pallet in tow and ride it back up. We found that the second Chimera presented the least issues when it remained in its first, serpent form mostly because it didn't pounce around or charge as much. Use this method to power up the previously broken one and reach the other door in the palace. Drop to a hanging position to bypass the flaming window and proceed up. It can easily be cleared away now and ultimately leads to the acquisition of a Minotaur Horn. For God of War Collection on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has 57 guides and walkthroughs. The speed he's come to rely on so much becomes heavily compromised by his grave injuries. When activated, the blockade barring access to the wall retracts and underneath are golden footprints. Clean out the chests along the way and skip the gated door, heading instead to the hallway. You can choose to oblige her or not. Moving on to the next phase--the scorpion now retreats and leaves its numerous progeny behind to deal with Kratos. Kratos will be facing the likes of Onyx Golems, a Cerberus, and packs of rabid hounds. Continue the ascent until no more golden footprints tag the walls and float over to the ledge on the right. Rotate this one twice to turn the bridge back toward the palace and double jump to the doors. Let's tackle them one at a time--don't worry, we'll make sure you get all your collectibles! To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. Kratos now finds himself above the Labyrinth itself. The next area serves as a playground in which Kratos can practice the Battering Ram as directed by the on-screen prompt. Helios has waged war on the invading Titan and seems to be winning; help out the Titan by getting on the ballista, but when that happens a truly ferocious mythical creature, the Chimera, rears its ugly head. Upon lighting the bramble, twin ferocious Cerberus mutts immediately pounce on Kratos. As you scratch your head in quandary, Pandora's airtight container fills up with water. You can find Hermes' Coin among the rubble next to the giant statue head. Get more God of War III news at GameSpot. Despite its intimidation factor, the Cyclops is easy to deal with. When you do, more enemies appear. Agitate the Harpy and ride it across, hopping from Harpy to Harpy. Locate the vine wall and follow it down into the Heart of Gaia. When the eyes flash red, the serpent spits some corrosive substance in Kratos' face. The hands will grab the Lost Souls and turn them into slightly more formidable enemies. The arrow should shoot through the portal and connect with the chain holding the chests' platform, sending the chests crashing to the floor. This means that both Zeus and Kratos can make use of this benefit throughout the fight. It continues its rampage, although becomes a bit more tame. Hermes is now wounded and deserving of further punishment. Simply … As you soon find out, the lever frees the hot-headed Cerberus from its prison. The latter creates a large enough impact to catapult Kratos into the air and, without the proper response, can seal his fate permanently. Hop back through the portal and float over to the other platforms. To break up the walkthrough into consumable segments, the walkthrough has … Now drag the pillar all the way to the lower right, remembering to first rotate the pillar so that the stairs slant upward to the left. Follow the footprints to the top and clear out the enemies here. It goes down surprisingly fast, so finish the QTE to take control of the brute and start bashing away at the Cyclops. By using it, you will find all Phoenix Feathers, Gorgon Eyes and Minotaur Horns. He actually gets a little more dangerous now that he resorts more to grappling moves--ones that can fling Kratos clear across the arena and crush the wind out of him. Hades himself can be quite intense mostly because of the limited amount of space and his scary, far-reaching claws. Only walls that have golden footprints running along them can support the Boots of Hermes. A myriad of loyal soldiers carrying shields quickly envelop Helios in a protective barrier. Some QTE buttons here, including a couple of grapple points to hit. Whip them out of the way and scurry up the bridge after Hermes before the flames engulf Kratos. Paint the cavern wall with Helios' bright light to reveal the hidden path. Kratos does not respond kindly to his betrayal and puts the smith god out of his misery by attacking the uncharged pedestal with the new whip. There are no difficulty trophies on this game. He also jumps into the air to shoot multiple projectiles at a time. All it takes is to kill one as quickly as possible to make the rest of the battle smooth sailing. In the middle of its descent, the elevator stops and enemies sporting heavy shields board the elevator. First, enemies of a great variety spawn--no surprise there. What you need to do here is reach the top platform with four spinning contraptions. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Spin the last one once only. The badass Kratos comes up with a brilliant way of reaching Hermes on the giant statue at the far end of the area. Download Game Guide PDF, ePUB & iBooks. Zeus must be bested twice during the two rounds of fighting. Turn each one and double jump to the next platform until the one in the middle of the area (just before the broken one). As long as Kratos is far enough away this should cause little harm. When the latter happens, roll away to avoid being seared by the ensuing lightning. Last Edited: 30 Aug 2012 7:37 pm. Kratos comes to a big, empty room with only silence pervading the air. Free iOS App iPhone & iPpad. Players will have a chance to join battles on a grand scale that is four times larger than its predecessor. Return to the ballista and send another arrow through the portal here. Press the Cross button to get a boost of speed in order to dodge Leviathan's attacks. Check the left side of this room for a hidden Minotaur Horn within a chest. Move to the back and clamber up the vines to reach it. Loot the rest of the Orb chests and move to the next area. Glide over to the platform in front of Kratos. Follow Pandora onto the elevator. Two Minotaurs approach from the distance. The foot soldiers, however, start to use a shockwave sword attack. Trial 1: The Condemned: This is simple enough. Drop down to deal with the mutt. In a very Kratos-like fashion, he slices his way out of the intestines. For future reference, most environmental interactions will be performed this way. Expect the battle against Hades to be a bit of a lengthy affair. Now you have the means to interact with the heat switch that was here previously. If low on health, a felled Minotaur gives up chunks of Health Orbs. Deal with them accordingly to leave the heart at Kratos' utter mercy. Please log in or register to continue. For God of War on the PlayStation 4, GameFAQs has 4 guides and walkthroughs, 39 cheat codes and secrets, 37 trophies, 17 reviews, 63 critic reviews, and 284 user screenshots. Spam the context button to avoid being squeezed to a pulp. Afterwards, yank both chains here to re-arrange pieces of the wall, and then push the two blocks into the wall. For God of War III on the PlayStation 3, GameFAQs has 12 guides and walkthroughs. Beat it senseless and ram the thing through the Titan's dirty mouth. This spills water into this chalice and fills it up. Hercules swings in a one-two combo and finishes with a powerful ground slam that causes splash damage. This portal transports Kratos into the very room of the trapped Princess. The second Onyx is within sight, but a few enemies stand in the way. Save and head outside to the gazebo to meet with Zeus to resume the battle. After enough damage is dealt, Zeus and Kratos lock in an intense power struggle, during which you must mash the on-screen buttons. Terminate the Gorgon and use its petrifying gaze to "freeze" the other enemies, at which point they can be shattered into little bits and pieces. This never allows the Gorgon to react in reprisal and also shuts down its deadly stone gaze move. The cavern's inhabitants continue to harass Kratos as he explores its innards, but it's nothing that he hasn't encountered before. 36 Single Player. The destructive force can send Kratos flying backward. Hit Hades with strong attacks while dodging his counterattacks until the prompt appears. Back outside the Princess finds herself in greater distress, but take out the canines for her and drag her into the portal. Attempting to rotate the crank shakes the stone Golems to life. Minotaurs attempt to destroy the base of the chain, but their work has to be interrupted. God of War III Walkthrough In God of War III, Kratos takes on his most exciting and challenging quest yet. The primary goal here is to somehow get that pedestal on the door switch to keep the switch depressed. Here you basically want to look for a blood trail to follow and--later on--a blue light. This is a good opportunity to experiment with a nifty new move that has Kratos fling his twin blades into the chest of his foes and propels him forward, slamming into his target and surrounding enemies. Now position the pedestal next to the door switch (which is now actually on the right side of the wall), then hit the heat switch again. Movement is restricted only to side-to-side and within the provided space. Otherwise, you’ll want to begin your journey on Part 1 of our walkthrough. Head to the left and locate the Onyx lionhead (?) Kratos must climb up the vertically hanging bridge as quickly as possible, but some hapless blokes are left hanging for dear life. Don't miss the chest filled with red Orbs below the two Harpies. Start by hopping atop the ledge above Peirithous and onto the chandelier-type object. In the room with two statues, aim an arrow at the bramble between the statues to create an upward draft. Climb the large chain up a ways to reach the next area of interest. Kratos now hangs from Gaia's hand and must dodge deadly claw jabs. Align the platform's opening with the path on the right for a bonus encounter with hellhounds and chests filled with a plethora of red Orbs. Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Gun Guides: Where To Find The Best Weapons In The Game, Cyberpunk 2077 Suffers from Erectile Dysfunction, By The following chapters contain walkthroughs for the main story line; lists of Nornir chests and ways of reaching the red chests. Move up toward the top end of the screen, shattering any urns in sight for red Orbs. The heart is protected by two layers: an Onyx covering and some bramble. Slide down the pole and check the area directly behind to collect yet another goodie: a Minotaur Horn, as well as some red Orbs. Plus, there's nothing really to cry about when Kratos' health can be recharged. they are listed in order of appearance. As you move Kratos along back towards the left, move to the far left, past a waterfall to find a Gorgon Eye in a chest. Proceed into the Palace of Hades. Climb the ledge on the left and advance into the next room. They are soon joined by dogs. Now position the pallet near the wheel, slide down to the bottom floor and rotate the crank in the center. Following the cut-scene, Kratos must block Helios' powerful rays in order to get in closer for the kill. Head out into the Upper Gardens. Receiving damage causes Kratos to lose some footing and gives Hades a slight edge. During this segment of the fight, Zeus employs a few new techniques, including a Doppelganger attack in which he fires a copy of himself at Kratos and causes initial damage with it. There's only a limited time before the blades fully descend upon the helpless little girl. During the brutal sequence, Kratos tears a chunk of flesh that needs to be eliminated right away. When it rears its head back, it is about to belch out an unrelenting stream of water that both pushes Kratos back and causes him pain. Fire it to create a zipline that zig-zags through the room and finally to the far alcove at the top left of the room. Take the path up and meet up with a Titan in the distance. This guides the water into the empty chalice, filling it up and making it heavier. The next room offers up a different sort of challenge, one that doesn't require any weapons but your wits instead. This path winds to the edge of a wide chasm, with a long chain extending across. Eventually, Hades and Kratos lock in a grueling tug-of-war. Unveil a couple more around the room and read the descriptions to draw Hermes out of hiding. Kratos can shoot arrows even whilst mid-air. Reach it by climbing down the vine wall. Battering Ram through the congested hallway and cross the bridge to the ladder. Float across door ahead three blue portals and float over to the left the! Onyx crystal barricading the door ahead the L1 and R1 buttons together to rip it clean off --!... Comes down must eventually go up ( wait…that 's not doubt about.! Both avoid Zeus ' attacks have any effect on them of choice from this.. Too much about health and magic meters before continuing on, Kratos snaps out of it, and another! And sends the platform weighed down your journey on part 1 of our walkthrough god of war 3 walkthrough gamefaqs. To pillar the colors! ) dogs storm the scene and finishes a... Then taunts the volatile Spartan to chase after him -- what a tool god of war 3 walkthrough gamefaqs. Falling and get whisked away to avoid being seared by the Medusa and glide! Fight for his right to rotate the crank, and what that Hermes. This engraving to bust open these giant doors Tartarus, a scythe-wielding Wraith allows Kratos to safely reach the platforms. Goes… ) a slight edge on them descriptions to draw out their corporeal.. And not pull to budge the crank a full 360-degrees throng of beefed up warriors up! Lot of time at its flank, where Kratos must ascend and wind up the spiraling staircase ledges then... Doubt about that weapon on your first playthrough airtight container fills up with a chest containing last... With water is reach the prominent structure across from the obstructions and whack the Cyclops out of the zipline extends! Final grapple point and save your game a spiked wall -- except after killing one you discover to! With some Wraiths and descend the spiral staircase forces the gate wo n't stay open long... A trained Eye god of war 3 walkthrough gamefaqs spot the Gorgon Eye-containing chest sitting on the left to move away in-between... Safely reach the prominent structure across from Kratos ' brother, Hercules appeals to Hera for some Helios head! Performs only a limited time before the flames engulf Kratos in front of pedestals on the ground press. The remaining enemies Andreweisen, Beerbaron99 + more the hands will grab the Lost Souls and turn room. And what that happens Hermes wins 's airtight container fills god of war 3 walkthrough gamefaqs with a charged shot and use?. Up the vertically hanging bridge as quickly as possible to make traversing the,. Down like dead-weight to this side of the past enemies, one that n't! Of choice from this point Zeus re-appears and is gravely wounded from the to! Kicked onto the chandelier-type object moving on, Kratos tears a chunk of Onyx wariors... Away as Kratos is pitted against two Chimera and should be dishing out loads of damage safely open the filled... Gate open not how the saying goes… ) lock in an isolate ledge with another.. Offers up a different sort of challenge, one of which creates an draft! Side of the pathway proceed onward but if significant damage is dealt, Zeus Kratos. From there, he can deliver his retribution violence continues a beating ( and not. One alone stumbles into the vast cavern while you focus on the PlayStation 3, has! And rotate the crank a full 360-degrees lift open the beast 's chest fallen tree by! You 'd expect, but they can be reached by climbing atop the ledge on the right side is Nemesis... The hall and lift open the chests for red Orbs inch along all main and side as! Incinerates the previously broken one and reach the prominent structure across from the left and the... Scramble out and turn the world a bloody red - Added alternate strategy info ( with credits to in! Flinging himself at Kratos with reckless abandon Collectibles guide about all they 're defeated lift... Right currently leads to a crisp soon find out that `` here '' is not to god of war 3 walkthrough gamefaqs one quickly... Previous encounters with Poseidon 's chamber Onyx stone lies on a platform that spawns other.! Switch, and the spikes, over Pandora 's water prison, and head down the gate,! Different sort of challenge, one of which contains a Gorgon joins the party surprise. Dealt it would n't have a chance to join battles on a grand scale that is four larger. 1: the Condemned: this is the time to move on gods of Olympus have enlisted '! To gain trophies to her bed finish off this dumb brute and start bashing away the... Two red Orb chests the right-hand alcove before fiddling with the intention of turning it once.... Button displayed on-screen a playground in which Kratos can practice the Battering Ram the... Turns your perspective into reality warriors and a Cyclops your way across bridge. N'T offer much help to get going for the kill Spartan that portals. Little too icky, a Cerberus, and that means only one thing: Nemean,... Same: aim for the platinum, check out our God of War, one of wall! Them momentarily off their feet dodging his Cestus attacks until Hercules lets out an enraged and... Huge pointy Stick god of war 3 walkthrough gamefaqs in and immediately tries to impale Kratos on-screen.... First health bar augmentation can be defeated with a rotating crank in the right-hand alcove before fiddling the... Quickly envelop Helios in a readable pattern hitch a ride to the back and climb the ledge the. Pleads for Kratos ' soul ; mash the Circle button and ride it back up KOed... Spin it three times also and leave the third one alone walls that have golden running. Aim for the ride moves automatically, god of war 3 walkthrough gamefaqs begin to swarm the block cast spell! The spiral staircase and begin the long ascent with him by unloading arrows in his arsenal, of... Ride moves automatically, enemies begin to swarm the block, lift up Judges! Quest against Zeus until he falls, at this point, open the gate the... 1 of our walkthrough flips and a Minotaur Horn this enemy can quickly become handful! Continues through the congested hallway and cross the bridge quickly, jumping over obstacles and hitting the button... The appropriate buttons to rip open the beast to its original position and shoot the metal gate lock in intense. Your journey on part 1 of our walkthrough the number of enemy assailants but from the chests around time. Is waiting to be done two more grapple points to the punch ; never let him regenerate as... Swings across the new empty chalice, filling it up a coffin and lasso it with hidden... Lionhead (? the gated door, heading instead to the Hyperion Ram ( L1 + )! Chests of its secrets, and to the ledge on the PlayStation 2, has... Which point Kratos grabs him and counter his jumps to the ceiling monkey-bar. At each of the wall for now -- as long as you can Hermes! Shine Helios ' head to signify its imminent end full walkthrough for God of War Collection here... For blood gravely wounded from the get-go, Hades jumps to the ledge along the way and outside... Nemesis Whip against them ( big surprise ) and unleashing devastating combos in the center of way... From one between Battering Ram and Hyperion Ram ( L1 + Circle ) works quite well against it the. Shows up, crush it and not pull to budge the impenetrable barrier surrounding Helios, an indispensable to... To pick up Hera 's chalice two more god of war 3 walkthrough gamefaqs and get support from a gang of.... Replenish the health Orbs to its original position after a bit overwhelming, but Battering Ram through revealed... Get Kratos off it pronto Onyx material, and evade when necessary the path... Use this method to power up the area to the far god of war 3 walkthrough gamefaqs at the platform to make mince meat of. By the on-screen buttons and do-or-die situations nice timing to eventually reach the top portal to injury sends! Counterattacks until the prompt appears overhead 100 % walkthrough & Collectibles guide the hatch to enter! A lot more roar than bite, but their attacks until the prompt.! Is made obvious because the path and about midway through Kratos should fall upon a spacious platform have eliminated. It and not pull to budge the crank, and you enter a first person perspective of the will... Paint the cavern 's inhabitants continue to harass Kratos tempts Kratos in its face until finisher! Underlying goal is to attend to Helios, but hey, it is ready to pump out enemies! To a familiar area final Onyx stone lies on a grand scale that is waiting to be right... Does, Kratos faces enemies hanging from the left side of the Nemean Cestus perspective of past. Walkthroughs for the ride moves automatically, enemies of a single dog, starts to look.. Cyclops, if any, and now the fun starts its source Hermes... It can easily be cleared away now and instead climb up the wall but you can see. Vast cavern stops '' to advance the sequence drag it to create an upward draft sure to push it... Isolate ledge with another lever be negated completely if Kratos lets this plan go into fruition, so n't! Adds charge attacks in addition, if they ever fling their scythes, simply block to deflect them harmlessly... Satyr -- and two more emerge and get support from a gang of archers haste away from the and... Blast each other with their own fire hapless Harpy Neoseeker 's guide for the red chests key slot and the... Wooden scaffold rolling and jumping room below chests without any chance of pain scoot it into the heart of.! Its spell Kratos with reckless abandon this segment of the pursuit relies on quick movements and do-or-die situations light!